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Issue #1953

Union demerger a loss to the union movement

Earlier this month, delegates from the mining and energy division of the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU) convened and voted to break away from the super-union.

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Issue #2017

Class struggle is primary

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an edited version of a speech delivered by CPA Assistant General Secretary David Matters on the reissuing of comrade Jack...

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Issue #2007

Report from South Australia

The 30th April marked a return to the city of Adelaide for the May Day March and Rally. Marchers assembled in Tarndarnyangga (Victoria Square) before...

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Issue #2032

The ALP’s new IR laws: new avenues for action, new shackles

CPA Logistics and Manufacturing Branch The ALP government has recently announced its new Industrial Relations laws. Positioned as a response to workers’ demands to organise...

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Issue #2035

The problems of privatisation and why publicly-owned services matter

The ACTU does a good job of explaining issues to the converted. However, they should use some excellent scientific studies to inform the public of...

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Issue #2007

Back the call for a 5.5 per cent wage increase

Earlier this month, amid predictable outcry from the Coalition, Anthony Albanese voiced his support for a 5.1 per cent increase in wages, to keep pace...

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Issue #2020

ACTU pushes for radical reforms ahead of jobs summit

The federal government is holding a Jobs and Skills Summit in early September this year to address the “shared economic challenges” faced by Australians. The...

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Issue #2021

Energy transition authority critical to creating secure jobs for a safer climate

The ACTU calls on the Albanese Government to quickly establish a national Energy Transition Authority tasked with ensuring that workers and their communities affected by...

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Issue #2024

Multi-employer bargaining key to improving working conditions: ACOSS and ACTU

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has joined with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) to call on the Albanese government to implement...

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Issue #2014


While the Prime Minister was talking trade deals with the European Commission, who should pop up but Simon Crean, former ACTU President and erstwhile leader...

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Issue #2033

Time for a centralised bargaining system

Prior to the adoption of the Accord in 1983 between the Labor government and the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Australia had a highly centralised...

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Issue #2012

Workers win historic wage increase in Annual Wage Review

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has struck a strong middle ground with a 5.2 per cent wage hike announced on 15th June. The minimum wage...

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