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Issue #2083

Greetings – National Organising Conference Unity in Action

German Communist Party To the Communist Party of Australia Dear comrades! On behalf of the Central Committee and the members of the German Communist Party,...

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David Matters at the CPA Conference 2024 Issue #2086

Lenin: Marxism from the universal to the specific

The recent Communist Party Organising Conference in Sydney this January coincided with the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s death. As part of a celebration of Lenin’s...

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Vinnie Molina and Andrew Irving at the Organising Conference. Issue #2085

Some greetings received from parties for the recent CPA Organising Conference

Communist Party of Greece Dear comrades, On behalf of the KKE (Communist Party of Greece), we wish you success in the works of your National...

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Comrade Jim “Jimmy” Donovan adresses the Conference. Issue #2084

Comrade ‘Jimmy’ Donovan

Comrade Jim “Jimmy” Donovan is a lifelong member of the Communist Party of Australia where he is a member of the Maritime branch in Sydney...

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Flag of Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Issue #2098

The Central Committee of DFLP elects Fahd Suleiman as new Secretary-General and Hawatmeh as President

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) has officially announced the conclusion of its eighth general national conference, which was the culmination of...

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Mikhail Tzimis with Vinnie Molina at the Organising Conference. Issue #2084

International camaraderie

Mikhail Tzimis, from the Unified Communist Party of Georgia spoke at the CPA’s Organising Conference on 19 January. He touched on the history and struggle...

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CPA General Secretary, Andrew Irving, addressing the Organising Conference. Issue #2084

CPA Organising Conference – UNITY IN ACTION

On the weekend of 19-21 January, the CPA hosted an organising conference that brought together comrades from across the country in Sydney on Gadigal Country....

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