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Issue #1950

Social imperialism: its history and effects

In some sections of the international communist movement today, China is characterised as imperialist, capitalist, or “social imperialist.” Despite being around since the turn of the last century, the phrase “social imperialism” really took flight when the international communist movement split in the 1960s under the weight of the divisions between the Soviet Union and China.

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Issue #1949

Support the just struggle of India’s farmers

The Communist Party of Australia supports the just struggle of the farmers of India for the repeal of legislation in the Indian Parliament that hands control of farm produce to the transnational corporations.

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Issue #2017

Class struggle is primary

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an edited version of a speech delivered by CPA Assistant General Secretary David Matters on the reissuing of comrade Jack...

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Issue #1994

The challenge of dealing with COVID-19

In the world of the 24-hour news cycle, we are being bombarded with information overload. The mass media move from picking at one warped point...

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Childers Issue #2015

“Inspiration and hope”

The morning of 23rd June came with a blustery cold wind to the town of Childers in Queensland. Particularly felt by myself and my fellow...

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Issue #1996

Brisbane branch campaign against AUKUS, casualisation, and climate change

There is no rest for the Brisbane Branch of the CPA as we continue our campaign against the IR omnibus Bill, the AUKUS nuclear submarine...

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Issue #2013

Queensland comrades organise! – The CPA and the lower-Northern Qld tour

On Thursday the 23rd June, we arrived in Childers, the day commemorating the Childers Backpacker Tragedy. Sixteen young people were burnt to death at the...

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Issue #1964

Contribution by CPA General Secretary Andrew Irving at the World Symposium For Marxist Political Parties

In China, the CPC has made many outstanding political, social, economic and defence achievements for its people

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